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Magic — real magic — is everywhere.  It’s in the natural world all around you; in the Earth beneath your feet, in the wind that blows through the trees, in the turning of day into night. And magic is most definitely within you.

 It’s time to wake that magic up.

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The Modern Witch’s Essential Spell Book is my free gift to help awaken your magic, and a first step to  Awaken the Witch Within.   The art of spell casting is ancient, empowering and sacred.  To create this gift for you, I opened my old Book of Shadows and remembered how my first spells – especially the amazing Solar Blast Spell – awakened the divine magic inside me.


Casting spells, and Witchcraft, have become wildly popular but so much of what’s out there is misguided, mechanical and full of mistakes.  Spell casting is a spiritual art that speaks to our daily lives, so I’ve created a collection of some of my favorite and most effective spells for the life changes that people so often need and want, like banishing stress and anxiety, boosting your confidence and manifesting success, finding your purpose and finding love.

But it’s not just another recipe book!   This essential spell book will provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to cast each spell including the secrets for successful spell casting that will make your life more divinely magical.

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It’s time to focus your mind, set your intention, open your heart, raise your energy and make the divine connection that makes magic happen.  Its time to take empowered action to manifest the magic you desire.

Unleash your spell casting potential today with The Modern Witch’s Essential Spell Book — and start awakening your life to its Divine magic!

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And get ready to
Awaken the Witch Within
Online Course with Phyllis Curott
There’s a Witch within everyone—including you.
 It’s time to wake that Witch up!

Throughout history, Witchcraft has been severely misunderstood — shunned, maligned and forced to go underground. But real Witchcraft is not what you’ve seen in movies or read in fairy tales.  It’s a spiritual practice of joy, transformation and empowerment.

And it’s needed now more than ever.

In this spellbinding course, Wiccan priestess, activist attorney and best-selling author Phyllis Curott shares her unique, shamanic approach, sacred wisdom and techniques to cultivate this joyful, powerful practice, unleash the magic within you and manifest a life of balance, harmony and fulfilment… in celebration with the natural world.  

And just as you don’t have to be Buddhist to meditate or Hindu to practice yoga, you don’t have to be a Witch to experience the life-transforming gifts of Witchcraft.

Join Phyllis on July 17th to

Awaken the Witch Within

For everyone who knows there’s a Witch within: 

  • New Witches, with magic-awakening mentorship and a smart, solid foundation for empowering personal practice 
  • Self-taught Witches, with expert guidance to deepen and enrich your spiritual wisdom and skills  
  • Skilled Witches, with a unique chance to reclaim the powerful magic of beginner’s mind and intensify your spiritual sensitivity 
  • Non-Witches, with practices to awaken the divine magic within you, because just like you don’t have to be Hindu to practice yoga, or Buddhist to meditate, you don’t have to be a Witch to benefit from Witchcraft

This inspiring online course includes:

  • 8 transformative video lessons to awaken your inner Witch and harness the magic within you
  • Step-by-step instruction on the practices of Witchcraft, including spellcasting and sacred rituals
  • Insights into the history of Witchcraft and how to use this ancient practice for modern-day empowerment and healing
  • Beautiful full-color worksheets to take your abilities to the next level
  • Downloadable guided meditations and practices to help you cultivate your Divine magic whenever and wherever you need it
  • Two LIVE webinars with Wiccan priestess Phyllis Curott

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In her Awaken the Witch Within online course, spiritual trailblazer and Wiccan priestess Phyllis Curott has pulled together her decades of wisdom, along with highly practical tools, to empower you with the practice of Witchcraft.  She’ll teach you everything you need to know — from sacred rituals and shamanic techniques to magical spells and the most empowering magic of all, connecting with the Divine Source of Creation — to experience this powerful healing tradition.

And along the way, your life will radically transform.

As you discover and harness the magic within and all around you, you will become infused with positive energy… and unshakably connected to the Divine.

 “The world that you re-enter will be an enchanted one, for you have awakened to the magic within you and all around you.”

Phyllis Curott


Sign up to receive updates about events, workshops, and publications, as well as Weekly Words of Wisdom and Sabbat newsletters