At this time of greatest global need, the Goddess, ancient, universal, and embodied by creation, is returning.

After thousands of years of patriarchal models of divinity and worship, and with masculine and feminine energies of our world so dangerously out of balance, a great wave of feminine energy is rising. Goddess, the missing half of everything, is returning. This course invites participants to experience her immanence and unconditional love.

Universal, shamanic, and Wiccan practices will open our minds and hearts to personal encounters with the Sacred Feminine and deepen the connections we already have. We will explore, evoke, and honor diverse Goddesses of the world’s faith traditions, and we’ll reflect on the insights, healing, and blessings nourished by our experiences, particularly with the Divine Mother.

Practices will include:

  • Creating and working within circular sacred space
  • Creating altars to honor the Divine Feminine
  • Guided visualizations
  • Divination to engage in dialogue with the Divine Feminine
  • Evoking and encountering the Divine Mother
  • Encountering a personal tutelary Goddess
  • Receiving and working with Divine feminine energy
  • Goddess blessing practice, basic ritual creation, and celebration



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Phyllis Curott, one of America’s first public Wiccan High Priestesses, is an attorney and author whose groundbreaking memoir, Book of Shadows, made Wicca accessible to america and awakened an entire generation to the goddess. Time magazine featured her in a column as a “leading voice” and New York Magazine described her teaching as the culture’s “next big idea.” Curott was inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collegium of Clergy and Scholars, was honored by Jane magazine as one of the “Ten Gutsiest Women of the Year,” and is Vice Chair Emerita of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, for which she organized its first Women’s Assembly.(