Why Wicca?

Why Wicca?

An excerpt from – Witch Crafting A Spiritual Guide to Making MagicWhy Wicca?

A new religion occurs when the old religions no longer explain reality, nor meet the needs of people. With modern Witchcraft we are collectively creating a religion that specifically addresses our needs and this makes Wicca one of the most dynamic, exciting religions of this post- Christian era.
It respects and affords genuine empowerment to those who have felt powerless. Women have found a spiritual home in Wicca because it is the only Western religion that has a Goddess, as well as a God, and because it honors women as spiritual leaders and priestesses.

Another reason for Wicca’s growing popularity is its reverence for the Earth as sacred, a spiritual value that addresses the terrible environmental crises we face today. Like our ancestors, we learn from the greatest teacher, Nature, and we recognize Her intrinsic value.

In a psychological age, Wicca requires us, and inspires us, to bravely acknowledge the shadow self (our fears, inhibitions, conflicts, neuroses, and destructive patterns) and to learn from it, rather than repress it. It is a religion of joy not punishment, love not fear, practice not belief. It’s a personal path of self-exploration, growth, and responsibility, helping us to understand that our lives are spiritual journeys, and providing a genuine and intimate experience of the Divine.

Wicca is a spirituality well suited to the modern temperament. There are no gurus, no hierarchy, no dogma. Instead, there is a system of effective practices, which anyone can master, that opens the door to the divine world in which we live. Witchcraft does not defy our rationality, and in a rational world people need to experience the Divine rather than have faith in a far-off deity.

Personally, Wicca directly addresses things I’ve known since I was a child, that the Divine is present in Nature and its cycles, that it also dwells within us, and that the power of love is magical. And this is perhaps its greatest appeal. It is a spiritual practice anyone can master to reconnect themselves to divinity and to empower their lives. Wicca is a religion that recognizes the innate divinity of the world in which we live, not as an abstract principle, but as a living experience. That is what crafting yourself as a Witch is all about.

Today we are taking Witchcraft to a new level. We have come to recognize that our religion is, like Nature, our great teacher, ever evolving. I am deeply proud of participating in this world-transforming event. And I hope that you will find Witch Crafting a worthy contribution to this historic process, and to your own spiritual journey.

Witch Crafting: A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic by Phyllis Curott

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