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Witch Crafting, A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic


Published on the heels of her enthralling memoir, Book of Shadows, Phyllis Curott's second exploration of Wiccan magic, Witch Crafting, delves deeper into the spiritual beliefs and practices of the fastest-growing religion in America. Rather than provide a mechanical course on becoming a witch, Curott wanted to "create an inspiring primer on how to live an empowered, divinely guided, magical life," exploring both the hows and the whys of witchcraft. This substantial volume introduces new practitioners to the techniques and tools of witchcraft, and explains why certain rituals are undertaken. For the experienced practitioner, Witch Crafting encourages deeper spiritual exploration and offers extensive theological discussions about Wiccan practices, past, present, and future. Chapters titled "Divination," "Nature," "Sacred Space," "Witchcraft Without Rules," "Solitary Practice," and "Groups and Covens" are designed to help skilled and new practitioners alike study and perform contemporary acts of magic while examining and developing their own emotions and spiritual beliefs. This is no book of magic potions (although it does supply specific spells and rituals); it's a serious resource for those serious about the fascinating tradition of Wicca. (Ages 14 and older)
– AMAZON.com Review

Curott (author of the bestselling Book of Shadows, 1998) presents an expansive, poetic and spiritually replete version of the traditional Wiccan how-to. Those who wish to undertake witchcrafting in a serious way will find Curott a wise and inspiring teacher. Systematically covering familiar elements ("Divination," "Sacred Space," "Witchcraft Without Rules"), Curott captures the spirit of Wicca as a religion or personal voyage, rather than a means to an end. The result is enjoyable reading for the merely curious as well as would-be initiates.
Publishers Weekly

“…a beautifully written primer that beginners will find comfortable and easy to use. But on a deeper level, it challenges much of Wiccan tradition and offers a fresh perspective…I confess that when I read {her} words, I gasped, and then cheered.”
–-Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon

“…destined to be a classic…It is practical while maintaining that Wicca and magic are spiritual paths with a connection to the Divine. I can honestly recommend it for novices and the advanced alike.”
--Janet Farrar, Author of the Witches’ Goddess

"In her latest book Phyllis Curott takes your hand and leads you into the realms of magick where anything is possible. Passion and beauty resonate in this exciting, extremely relevant and important work."
--Fiona Horne, author of Witch: A Magickal Journey


Since Phyllis Curott first published Book of Shadows, the story of her spiritual journey and initiation as a High Priestess in the Wiccan community, Witchcraft has captured America's imagination as a theme for fiction, television shows, and films. Now America's highest-profile Witch returns to dispel more myths and misrepresentations of her faith, and to share a practical guide to the beautiful spiritual rituals and philosophies behind Wiccan tradition.

Rich with enchanting stories from Curott's own experiences and detailed advice for working with Nature and finding the Divine within, Witch Crafting is much more than just another superficial recipe book. Curott's unique guidebook integrates the inspiration of religious wisdom with sound, practical information. Witch Crafting is the first book to offer readers not only the how-to of Witchcraft, but also the why-to, explaining the profound spiritual tenets behind Wiccan techniques. Filled with both traditional and innovative shamanic practices, Phyllis also provides an empowering new definition of magic and reexamines the ethics under which Witchcraft is practiced, offering a groundbreaking alternative to the Threefold Law. Witch Crafting reveals how to: incorporate Wiccan practices into your daily life; master the secret arts of effective spell casting; create sacred space and personal rituals; perform divinations for insight and success; and tap the magical power of altered states, such as dreaming meditation, prayer, and trance.

Perfect for beginners or seasoned practitioners, Witch Crafting is the ideal handbook for anyone seeking to unlock the divine power that makes real magic happen, and to experience the power and gifts of the universe more fully.


© Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Why Wicca?

A new religion occurs when the old religions no longer explain reality, nor meet the needs of people. With modern Witchcraft we are collectively creating a religion that specifically addresses our needs and this makes Wicca one of the most dynamic, exciting religions of this post-Christian era.

It respects and affords genuine empowerment to those who have felt powerless. Women have found a spiritual home in Wicca because it is the only Western religion that has a Goddess, as well as a God, and because it honors women as spiritual leaders and priestesses.

Another reason for Wicca’s growing popularity is its reverence for the Earth as sacred, a spritual value that addresses the terrible environmental crises we face today. Like our ancestors, we learn from the greatest teacher, Nature and we recognize Her intrinsic value.

In a psychological age, Wicca requires us, and inspires us, to bravely acknowledge the shadow self (our fears, inhibitions, conflicts, neuroses and destructive patterns ) and learn from it, rather than repress it. It is a religion of joy not punishment, love not fear, practice not belief. It’s a personal path of self-exploration, growth, and responsibility, helping us to understand that our lives are spiritual journeys and providing a genuine and intimate experience of the Divine.

Wicca is a spirituality well suited to the modern temperament. There are no gurus, no hierarchy, no dogma. Instead, there is a system of effective practices, which anyone can master, that opens the door to the divine world in which we live. Witchcraft does not defy our rationality, and in a rational world people need to experience the Divine rather than have faith in a far-off deity.

Personally, Wicca directly addresses things I’ve known since I was a child, that the Divine is present in Nature and its cycles, that it also dwells within us, and that the power of love is magical. And this is perhaps its greatest appeal. It is a spiritual practice anyone can master to reconnect themselves to divinity and to empower their lives. Wicca is a religion that recognizes the innate divinity of the world in which we live, not as an abstract principle, but as a living experience. That is what crafting yourself as a Witch is all about.

Today we are taking Witchcraft to a new level. We have come to recognize that our religion is, like Nature our greatest teacher, ever evolving. I am deeply proud of participating in this world-transforming event. And I hope that you willl find Witch Crafting a worthy contribution to this historic process, and to your own spiritual journey.

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