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Thanks so much for visiting. A quick intro: I’ve been a Wiccan Priestess and shamanic practitioner for more than thirty years, almost as long as I’ve been practicing law. I’ve been public for most of that time, defending the rights of the modern Pagan community in the courts and the media. I’m deeply honored to serve as the Vice-Chair of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, the world’s oldest and largest interfaith organization and the mother of the interfaith movement. You’ll find a more detailed profile on the Biography page and more on my internationally bestselling books here.

After years of profoundly transformative reflection upon Nature’s holy wisdom, I’m re-engaging the world with new lectures, workshops, and online videos. Our world is in crisis because of the wounds that opened within ourselves, and which we then inflicted upon one another and the Earth, when we lost sight of the Sacred. The Tradition of Ara is a spiritual path that reveals and reconnects us to the Divine within ourselves and in the natural world all around us. It is a practice for rediscovering how to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth by honoring the innate divinity of the world in which we live. This is also the subject of my next book, which I am working on now.

Great challenges await us, whether we are already old friends or new traveling companions, so I’m glad that we’re on this journey together. If you’d like to receive updates, news, and other "goodies," please sign up for my mailing list using the form located on the left side of this page.


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